Preparation for Mawlamyine trip

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Preparation for Mawlamyine trip

Preparation for Mawlamyine Trip


Sightseeing Spots

ranking,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,Mawlamyine Mawlamyine, There is an islet close  to Mawlamyine City. It takes a boad from Mawlamyine. The whole islet is the pagoda. Mawlamyine Travel Information、reclining big buddha khat ya khat yu pagoda, sitting big buddha Mawlamyine Travel Information、 mawlamyine night market mawlamyine Kyaikkhami Pagoda, setse beach, mawlamyine, myanmar World War 2 cemetery Kang Gyi Pagoda mawlamyine zeigyi central market、Mawlamyine Travel Information、 Mawlamyine Travel Information,zeigyi no2 market Zeigyi upper Marke ocean shopping mall Mawlamyine Travel Information

Traffic information, directions, etc.

From Myawady(Myanmar) to Mae Sot(Thai Land)

Mae Sot(Thai Land) to Myawady(Myanmar)

Enter and leave by land


Hpa-an, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda


Preparing for travel

Air tickets, visas, clothes, airplanes, entry fee etc., it is summarized in Myanmar ・ Travel ・ information. By all means, I hope you find helpful.



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Sightseeing Spots

Yangon,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,shwedagon  pagoda, golden, rock,kyaiktiyo-pagoda,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,Mawlamyine Hpa-an travel informationMawlamyine,Hpa-an,Hpaan,paan, Mandalay,,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information, Pying Oo Lwin,Maymyo,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,, Gok Hteik bridge,train,railway,the second hightst bridge,Hsipaw Bagan,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information Kalaw,trekking,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,Inle Lake Inle Lake,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,Pao kakku pagoda, Inle Lake,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information,day trip Ngwe Saung,Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information Dawei, Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information, Mawlamyine
Mae Sot,Thailand,check point,Travel Information, Mawlamyine Ye, Ko Yin Lay Pagoda, Myanmar Travel Information

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Preparation for Mawlamyine trip

Job Mawlamyine

Preparation for Mawlamyine trip

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About Mawlamyaine.

Mawlamyine is the capital of Mon State. It is located about 300 km south of Yangon. The population is about 490,000, which is the fourth largest Myanm...


Map around Mawlamyine

 Google map. As there are many layers, so we made a map of each area.please refer.


High-speed bus of Mawlamyine, Hpa-an, Pa...

 As for price, it is different according to time zone and bus company, so please consider as a roughly. Also, regarding the time required, it may be s...


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