Bat Cave, Linno Cave, Hpa-an, Pa-an tourist information.

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Bat Cave, Linno Cave, Hpa-an, Pa-an tourist information.

Linno Cave. Bat Cave

 From the evening around 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock we can see that bats are coming out of the cave.?For more than 30 minutes, bats will continue to go out from the cave, so it seems there are tens of thousands of bats in this cave.?Also, this place becomes a docking spot when you go to Hpa-an from Mawlamyine by a ship.


Streaming and Photos of Linno Cave. Bat Cave


hpa an linno cave bat cave。見にくいかもしれませんが、黒い線がコウモリの群れです。バット洞窟、リンノ洞窟  It took a photo beside the cave.?You can see something like a thin black line, but this line is a bat group.?Around the 17 o'clock, the clerk of Myanmar come near the cave and pounding their drum,?Don!?Don!.?At the same time, you can see the bat going out all from the cave.?Why do bats go out of the cave when they pounding the drum??Is it surprised?
hpa an linno cave bat cave。黒い点がコウモリです。バット洞窟、

 The appearance of a bat leaving the cave can be seen for more than 30 minutes.?It is a tremendous number of bats.?I think there are tens of thousands.?It starts around 17 o'clock, we recommend that you arrive at Linno Cave and Bat Cave until 17 o'clock.?
 Furthermore, it is along river and evening, mosquito is so many.?We recommend that you have insect repellent.

hpa an linno cave bat cave。バット洞窟、リンノ洞窟。コウモリがたくさん住んでいます。夕方には、コウモリが洞窟から出ていくところを見ることができます。

hpa an linno cave bat cave。洞窟の横に上に上るところがあって、上からも見ることができます。

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 You can climb up from the side of the cave and you can see how bats are coming out from above.?Even if it says to climb, it will be climbing the rocky place with considerably steep slope, so please be careful about injury.?
 Can you see something like a black line on the river??This is a flock of bats.?There is a cave below the place where I am taking photos, and you can see how many bats go out there.

hpa an linno cave bat cave。リンノ洞窟、バット洞窟。Mawlamyine Travel Information、 リンノ洞窟、バット洞窟、約30分くらい、洞窟からコウモリが出続けます。

Map of Linno Cave. Bat Cave



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How to get to Linno Cave. Bat Cave

The Linno cave and Bat cave will be on the opposite side of the river that flows next to the city of Pa Anne, so you have to cross the bridge, so it will take about 30 minutes from the city. In addition, this place will be a boat point when you go ship from Mawlamyine. After going to Mohramayain, I think that it is good to go to Pau An by ship. To see tourist information of Mohramaya Inn, please click here.


Linno Cave, Bat Cave, Hpa-an, pa an, myanmar



Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave
Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave
 It is hard to go to the Bat Cave. Bat cave is located opposite side of Hpa-an City. And the corner is before the toll gate, and turn right from Hpa-an city. The white colored gate on the photo is the toll gate.
Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave
 After turn right, the street is gravel, and go straight, and turn left the end of the road. Then you will see Bat Cave.


Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave


Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave

 The upper photo is the end of the road and turn left. It is written a paper, "← Bat Cave." Then you wiill see the red gate which is the Bat Cave, Linnno Cave.

Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave


Hpa-an Pa-an bat cave linno cave

 This is the parking pool and inside the Bat Cave. Foreigners have to pay 1,000 kyat as the entrance fee.

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Bat Cave, Linno Cave, Hpa-an, Pa-an tourist information.

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Bat Cave, Linno Cave, Hpa-an, Pa-an tourist information.

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