Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

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Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda is located along the seaside. It is a pagoda whose scenery changes by the fullness of the tide. It is 2 hours by car from Mawlamyine. It takes about 2.5 hours if you use a motorcycle. There are places where the ladies are forbidden, so please take care. Also, please have a look at the Buddha's lifetime and have enlightened rooms. In the photo, it is the last three.
Before going to Myanmar, I think it would be fun to make Myanmar's journey you have a knowledge of Buddha's lifetime. In addition, since the idea of ??things of Myanmar people is similar to original Buddhism, I think that I can understand somehow.


Streaming and Photos of Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda



mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、写真、シーサイド


mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、写真、シーサイド、パゴダ


Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、パゴダ、写真


ミャンマー、Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、写真

 It is about 2.5 hours from Mawlamyine, Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda. This pagoda is on the coast and is a pagoda it changes the impression by the tide. It is a lot far from Mawlamyine, but you can go on a motorbike touring, go by motorbike taxi and so on. Alternatively, the local bus also leaves the high-speed bus, long distance bus terminal, but the best way is to go by motorbike or car taxi or rental motorbike. You can also go to Sleeping, Reclining Big Buddha, Sitting Big Buddha, World War2 cemetery, etc on the way to this Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda.



mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、女性が入れない場所、キャイッカミ・パゴダ

 Here is a place where women are not allowed to enter a room, only men can enter. The woman will go around from the left side. The picture is taken from a place where only men can enter. The woman will visit from the outside.

fish mine mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo Mawlamyine キャイッカミ パゴダ 写真 魚の餌


fish mine mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo Mawlamyine キャイッカミ パゴダ 写真 魚の餌

  This is a fish bait. Baits are sold at souvenir shops and shops in Pagoda. It is 1 pack 1,000 kyat. There are many fish along the coast.



Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、写真、シーサイド、お坊さん、Monk、mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo


mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、干潮、

kyaikkhami pagoda Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、写真、シーサイド、ブッダ




myanmar、mawlamyine Kyaikkhami yae le pagoda photo、ブッダ、Mawlamyine、キャイッカミ、パゴダ、写真、シーサイド

 This pagoda has a museum, the lifetime of Buddha. This room is quite large, there are many small rooms inside and you can see the lifetime of each Buddha in each room.
 If you are interested in the DBuddha,, I recommend you to read a bood abouth Buddha Teaching. Then coming to Myanmar, you can understand how to think and feel Myanmar people, and you can enjoy Myanamr trip more and more..

Map of Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda



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How to go to Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

 Kayaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda is taking a time about 2.5 hours from Mawlamyine by car, motorbike. Why do not you try to rent a motorcycle?
Going to Kayaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda also has a local bus from the Mawlamyine high-speed bus, long distance bus terminal, but the return bus finishes early in the evening, so I recommend you wake up early in the morning.
This street has some good sightseeing spots, so I redommend you to hire a bike taxi, car taxi, rental motorbike is better more than local bus.


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Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

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Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

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