Mawlamyine motorbike trip, Motorcycle Touring.

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Mawlamyine motorbike trip, Motorcycle Touring.

Motorcycle Trip in South Mawlamyine

This streaming is I went to South Mawlamyine by motorbike trip 2 years ago. I talke Japanese, but there is English subtitles on the streaming.


South Mawlamyine Recommended Level

Mawlamyine 암 f course sightseeing spot Tourist attractions tourist spot recommended


Location Sightseeing Spot Recommend
A Mawlamyine City
B Pa Auk Forest Meditation Center
H Kyauk Ta Lone Pagoda
G Win Sein Taw Ya
Between G & F Kan Gyi Pagoda
F Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda
E Thanbyuzayat World War 2 Cemetery
D Setse Beach, Silver Beach
C Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda

Bike Trip Rout Map



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Mawlamyine motorbike trip, Motorcycle Touring.

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Mawlamyine motorbike trip, Motorcycle Touring.

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AThanbyuzayat World War 2 Cemetery.
It is@Thanbyuzayat World War 2 Cemetery.?It becomes a cemetery of Allied side of World War II.?Myanmar people who do not have a grave, but they always keep it clean.?Many neighboring Myanmar people are visiting here.
BSetse Beach, Silver Beach.
It is?Setse Beach, Silver Beach,?which is about?2?-?2.5?hours??from Mawlamyine.?I will not go to the resort, but to enjoy the sea bath at Mawlamyine will be this setse beach.?Also nearby is?Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda?.
CKyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda.
It takes a time for 2 - 2.5 hours from Mawlamyaine by a motorcycle, Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda is.?This pagoda, the temple is by the sea, the pagoda changes the impression with the tide fullness.?The recommendation degree to go with Mawlamyine is very high.
D21 Paradise Natural Hot Spring Thanbyuzayat
It is a hot spring facility located in Thanbyuzayat. There is also accommodation, hotel. It is 30,000Kyat, US$ 15 per night. There is also a swimming pool in the facility.

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