Kaw Ka Thaung Cave, Hpa-an?.?It is a tourist attraction of Hpa-an.

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Kaw Ka Thaung Cave, Hpa-an?.?It is a tourist attraction of Hpa-an.

Kaw Ka Thaung Cave

 I did not take too much photos, so please have a look at Youtube easily.?This pagoda is small, so it is enough for 10 mins to see inside the pagoda.



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How to get to Kaw Ka Thaung Cave

 This pagoda is not that big pagoda , it is a little far from Hpa-an city.?I think that it is low priority to go.?
If you go, the direction is the same as the pagoda below, so I think that it is better to go if you have much time.


kyaut ka latt pagoda Myanmar Hpa-an Pa an

sadan cave myanmar hpa-an pa-an


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Kaw Ka Thaung Cave, Hpa-an?.?It is a tourist attraction of Hpa-an.

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Kaw Ka Thaung Cave, Hpa-an?.?It is a tourist attraction of Hpa-an.

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Sadan Cave, Hpa-an, Pa-an.?It is one of sightseeing spots and sightseeing spots to go in Hpa-an.?You can go back to the vicinity of the entrance with a boat, passing through a pagoda in the cave and a pier.?Boat for a fee,?1?person?2,000kyat?will be.?Depending on the exchange rate, it will be around?1.5USD.
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The?Kaw Gon Cave, Kaw Gun Cave, located in?Hpa-an.?This cave is not such a big cave, but it is a pagoda with sculptures and carvings of countless Buddha on one wall of the pagoda.?This pagoda requires entrance fee, foreigners?3,000 kyat?, about?250?yen is required.
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Bayin Nyi Cave, Hpa-an?is a cave with a hot spring at the entrance.?The hot spring are not clean, but I think that you can enjoy it if you like footbath.?Many monkeys live in the Bayin Nyi Cave ・ Pagoda, so if you want to see monkeys, we recommend you go.
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Hpa-an, Bat Cave, Linno Cave?is a pagoda on a river, as its name, cave bats live a lot, is a tourist spot recommended.?In the evening, you can see how many millions of bats are going out as the clerk hits the drum.
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Shwe Yinh Myaw Pagoda, Hpa-an?is a pagoda that is easy to go because it is in the city of Pa-an.?The view is also nice as it lies along the river.?As it is close to the city of Hpa-an, many Myanmar people visit.?It is not recommended pagoda, but I think that it will be okay if you go get enough time.
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Hotels, guesthouses in Hpa-an, Pa-an. I have stayed at a hotel, the price is US 25, and so clean and it is good hotel.

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