About Hpa-an, Pa-an directions,express bus,long distance bus,sightseeing way.

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About Hpa-an, Pa-an directions,express bus,long distance bus,sightseeing way.

About Hpa-an, Pa-an

 Pa An is a city in the south Myanmar, about 300 km from Yangon. It is known as a famous tourist spot in Myanmar. Pagoda in the cave, such as cave leaving the bat of several staggered in the evening, there are a number of places of spectacular. Also, the scenery seen from motorcycles and cars is also the best, and it is very pleasant to run on a rental bike. Since the Hpa-an is located in the place of about 100 kilometers from Mawlamyaine.


Sightseeing Spots

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Map of Hpa-an




Mawlamyine、How to use the map How to use the map

Mawlamyine、How to use the map


How to get to Hpa-an

Required Time

Bus From Yaogon about 6〜7 hours
From Mawlamyine about 2hours


(From Mawlamyine)

About 5〜6 hours


About Ferry

 Buses are the only way to get to Hpa-an. It takes about 6 to 7 hours from Yangon, so you can also go by the night bus VIP bus. In the case of a night flight, the distance is too short, so arrival is early in the morning, or it will be almost midnight so sleep time can not get there. Conversely, it seems that sleeping time is too short and it will be a tight journey.


 Also, you can go to Mawlamyine to Hpa-an. There are ferries and local buses to get there. Basically it will use the local bus. From Mawlamyine, we can reach Hpa-an in about 2 hours by a bus. It takes about 5 to 6 hours if it is a ferry.


 Although I can go by ferry from Mawlamyine to Hpa-an, I'm sorry, I have not used, so I do not know the details. According to the story I heard, the boat arrive around Hpa-an's Linno Cave and Bat Cave. So, when you want to see several thousand bats leaving the cave in the evening, the boat might be better. After watching the bat cave, you can get to your hotels by Tuku-tuku or motorbike. For details, please ask at the hotel, guest house in Mawlamyine.


 For Linno Cave and Bat Cave, please click here.


bat cave linno caveHpa-an  Pa-na Mawlamyine Travel Information


About Bus


 When going from Yangon please refer to the price list and time table. In addition, bus tickets can be bought at the front desk of most hotels and guest houses, so you do not need to go to bus terminals, travel agencies, etc. Also please have a ticket site below.



How to travl in Hpa-an, Pa-an

Since most of the sightseeing places of Hpa-an are located in the suburbs, we recommend that you hire a rental motorcycle for one day, or hire a motorbike taxi or car taxi one day. There is a little good place to see Hpa-an city so far. You can also stay at Mawlamyine, leave Mawlamyine early in morning and sightseeing by one day trip.
 The Mawlamyine accommodation fee tends to be relatively cheaper than Hpa-an, and Mawlamyine has many bus lines more than Hpa-an. It will be easy to travel in Myanmar, if you stay in Mawlamyine.


Hpa-an Pa-an

Myanmar Travel Information

About Hpa-an, Pa-an directions,express bus,long distance bus,sightseeing way.

Job Mawlamyine

About Hpa-an, Pa-an directions,express bus,long distance bus,sightseeing way.

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