Hpa-an, Recommended Rankings, Pa-an Ranking, Myanmar Travel

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Hpa-an, Recommended Rankings, Pa-an Ranking, Myanmar Travel

Hpa-an Sightseeing Spots Ranking


Hpa-an Recommended Ranking

Yathae Pyan Cave,Mawlamyine recommended Ranking,ミャンマー mawlamyine hpa-an travel information,pa-an,  Sadan Cave, which should be ranked first. The Yathae Pyan Cave. You can goes through the cave, and there is an observatory, the view is very beautiful from at there. When going to Hpa-an it is one of the good pagodas to go absolutely, if possible, I think that it is good to go to see the sunset. It takes about 30 minutes by motorbike, car from the center of Hpa-an city. It is near the Kaw Gon cave, so when you go here, I recommend going with the Kaw Gon Cave, but Kaw Gon Cave is closed after sunset.

Hpa-an Travel Recommended Ranking

Sadan Cave Mawlamyine recommended Ranking mawlamyine hpa-an travel information,pa-an  When you go through in the Sadan cave, there is a boat stand. You can go back to the entrance of the pagoda by the boat,. The Sadan Cave is one of the caves a bit hard to go, because it takes more than 30 minutes by motorbike or car from the Hpa-an city. But I recommend you to watch out when you come to Hpa-an.

Hpa-an Recommended Travel Ranking

Kaw Gon Cave Kaw Gun Cave Mawlamyine Ranking   The Kaw Gon cave is a little smaller pagoda, but pagoda carved with countless Buddha sculptures on the walls of the cave. The line on the wall of the photo is made of small Buddha sculptures. It is small as a pagoda, but it has become very fancy making.

Rank 4

Bayin Nyi Cave Mawlamyine recommended mawlamyine hpa-an travel information,pa-an,   Bayin Nyi Cave is unusually a hot spring in Myanmar? It is a cave with. Warm water the surroundings of this cave. Recently, it is made a hot spring facility like a pool, but not clean the water. Also, there is no place to change clothes, I think that it will be about footbath.

And, many monkeys live in this pagoda, so if you want to see monkeys, I recommend that you come to this pagoda. The monkeys are gentle. They will not attack to the human. they are friendly.


Rank 5

Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda,Mawlamyine  recommended mawlamyine hpa-an travel information,pa-an,  It is not an exaggeration to say that Kyaut Ka Latt Pagoda is a symbolic pagoda of Hpa-an. Many Myanmar people and foreigners visit this pagoda, and many pictures of this pagoda are also posted in guide books etc. There is a rock in the center of the pond and can go to the pagoda by a bridge.. You can go and climb to the middle of the rock but you can not go to the top, until middle point. The scenery is amazing from the middle.

Rank 6

Linno Cave Bat Cave Mawlamyine recommended Ranking mawlamyine hpa-an travel information,pa-an,   The caves of Linno Cave and Bat Cave where many many many bats live. So the name is Bat Cave,. In the evening countless bats will come out of this cave. If you would like to see the scenery out the bat, please go to this pagoda around 17:00. The bat will come out for about 30 minutes, so it is a considerable number. When around 17 o'clock, the clerk of the Myanmar people, Don! Don! Don! they will hit a drum. Then, a lot of bats will fly away from the cave.

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Hpa-an, Recommended Rankings, Pa-an Ranking, Myanmar Travel

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Hpa-an, Recommended Rankings, Pa-an Ranking, Myanmar Travel

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