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Nice View Point

Nice View Point

@There is a way from Kyaikmaraw Pagoda (Kyaikmaraw Buddha Statue) to the huge sleeping big statue, Win Sein Taw Ya Reclining Big Buddha. The view from here is really nice! However, please be careful as this road, because the road is narrow and quite steep. Also, be careful if you have a non-power bike that you may not climb.
@From Kyaikmaraw Pagoda (Kyaikmaraw Buddha Statue) to the Reclyning Big Buddha is about 20 minutes by this way.

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Nice View Point Nice View Point
Nice View Point Nice View Point

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Nice View Point

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Nice View Point

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@Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center.
Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Center?is, taking a time around 30 mins from Mawlamyaine?city is a meditation center.?A lot of people who are interested in monks other than Myanmar, meditation etc, are famous and recommended tourist spots in Myanmar.
AWin Sein Taw Ya (Sleeping Reclining Big Buddha)
Win Sein Taw Ya, Buda Reclinado En Construccion.?This Sleeping Big Buddha is Myanmar's largest, the biggest sleeping Buddha in the world.?The outside has already been completed, but there are museums in Pagoda, Buddhism, Buddha in the Great Buddha of Buddha, and I am still making it.
BKyauk Ta Lone Pagoda Taung Mountain.
Kyauk Ta Lone Pagoda Taung Mountain is near Sleeping Reclining Big Budha. The view from the top of the mountain and pagoda is relly good. When you have a time and want to exercise, you should try.
CBin Hlaing Pagoda in Mudon
There is a slightly larger Reclyning Buddha statue in the pagoda near the Great Reclyning and Sleeping Buddha. There are many shops in this pagoda, so you can have tea and food. Why don' you go to this pagoda for break time.
DKan Gyi Pagoda in Mudon.
Kan Gyi Pagoda is located in Muodon next to Mawlamyine in Myanmar.?Because it is in the middle point of Big Buddha and Big Buddha sitting, how about trying a break??It is a big pagoda, it is a very common pagoda.
EKhat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda. (Sitting Big Buddha)
It is a huge big Buddha (sitting) in Mawlamyine, Myanmar (Khat Ya Khat Yu Pagoda).?It seems to be not famous here for foreigners, but it is a recommended place to go in Mawlamyine.?The Great Buddha is?about?30?meters, and there are pagodas in the Great Buddha.
FShwe Nat Taung Pagoda
Shwe Nat Taung Pagoda in the outskirts of Mawlamyine, The sunset from here, the sunset is very beautiful. It is a small pagoda, but if you are interested I think that you can go. It must be a car, a motorbike taxi, or a rental bike.
Kyaikmaraw Pagoda (Kyaikmaraw Buddha Statue)
Kyaikmaraw Pagoda Takes a time for 40 minutes from Mawlamyine. It's a different way from the way to Kyaikkami Pagoda. It is a very beautiful pagoda and The road from Mawlamyine to Kyaikmaraw Pagoda is very beautiful with flowers, etc.

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