Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable Meat Market, Vegetable and meat market in Mawlamyine

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Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable Meat Market, Vegetable and meat market in Mawlamyine

Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable and meat market

 Many fruits are sold in the vegetable, meat market. It is said that Mawlamyine Fruits are tasty fruit among Myanmar. Especially, watermelon of Morayamyin is sweet and tasty.


There are two kinds of watermelon, light green and dark green , and deep green watermelon is sweet and tasty. Depending on the size, if it is small, 1,500 kyat, if it is big, it would be around 3,000 kyat. It is about 100 yen to 250 yen in Japanese yen.


Besides that, vegetables and meat are also sold. Fruits are sold along the big street, vegetables, meat and fish are mainly sold inside the market.


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Mawlamyine、ゼイギー・アッパーマーケット 写真 mawlamyine zeigyi upper market

Mawlamyine、ゼイギー・アッパーマーケット 写真 果物、フルーツ、野菜、肉

Mawlamyine、ゼイギー・アッパーマーケット 写真 果物、フルーツ


Mawlamyine、ゼイギー・アッパーマーケット 写真 mawlamyine zeigyi upper market、肉、野菜、果物

Mawlamyine、ゼイギー・アッパーマーケット 肉、野菜の写真


mawlamyine zeigyi upper market

Map of Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable and meat market



Mawlamyine、How to use the map How to use the map

Mawlamyine、、How to use the map

How to get to Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable and meat market

 The Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable Meat Market is on the upper side of the Zeigyi Central Market (opposite the river). It is around 5 to 10 minutes on foot from the Zeigyi Central Market.
 Here is a vegetable meat market next to the Zaisy Upper Market, and many fruits are sold in the vegetable meat market. Since there are many types of fruits, we recommend buying those who want to buy fruits and eat here.

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Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable Meat Market, Vegetable and meat market in Mawlamyine

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Zeigyi Upper Market, Vegetable Meat Market, Vegetable and meat market in Mawlamyine

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Mawlamyine is known for its fruit to be delicious in Myanmar.?In particular, watermelon and pamelon are very tasty, Mawlamyine watermelon is as sweet.?Pamelon, although its figure is not similar, is almost grapefruit.
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